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Building Value provides advice and leadership in strategy, planning, corporate finance and communications to the key industries of construction, building materials, real estate and support services; and does so with independence, integrity and insight.

Its Chairman and founder, Tony Williams, has specialised in these industries and disciplines internationally for more than 30 years in a portfolio career as investment banker and industrialist with leading companies such as UBS, Morgan Stanley, ING Barings and ABN AMRO. He was also a Director of Tarmac plc and AMEC plc - and has wide experience as a Non Executive Director in the UK and China. 

This provides Building Value with a unique perspective and an ideal base from which to proffer help and direction; and it does so from a Head Office in west London and a Scandinavian subsidiary in Sweden.

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October 2020 - UK Housebuilding in Q3: Deceptive Bends

In our latest issue we celebrate the splendid lateral thinking of 10cc on their album cover 'Deceptive Bends' (which was Top 5 around the World in the 1970s); and we had always wanted to use it. The deep-sea diver on the front cover (see Papers) has not given up on his damsel in distress either; and nor should we on the UK economy and housebuilding industry. This is a self-induced economic freeze which we are going through and it will end. Next year, too, UK housebuilders' earnings could double say consensus forecasts. Note, too, Building Value knows alot about consensus, lateral thinkiing and, yes, deep-sea diving.

Check out our Weekly commentary on LinkedIn, too, with this address https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-williams-297b0520/ and  See Papers


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October 2020 - UK construction to fall 19% in 2020; and then bounce

Experian, where Building Value is an advisor, has updated its forecasts further for UK construction output in the wake of COVID-19. The prognosis is for an 18.5% drop in output this year with Housebuilding (both Public and Private) dropping 28%. As day follows night, though, output is forecast to rise 12% in 2021 and by 9% in 2022 (which is still a good number); and, of course, palpable risks remain. Note, too, that based on the forecasts, the industry - in 2022 - will grow but it will also be operating at a level, in real terms, a little bit lower (i.e. 1% in real terms) than that which prevailed in 2019 with Infrastructure and Public Building being the only Sectors higher.

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June 2020 - European construction output is forecast to experience a one-off collapse in 2020 of 12%

The latest Euroconstruct Conference, the 89th, was held, virtually, in Stockholm in June. It promulgated construction output forecasts for 19 nations and - for these combined - overall real growth last year looks set to have been 2.7%. However, in the current year the forecast is for a drop of 11.5% before bouncing 6% in 2021 and 3.5% in 2022. From the Big Five, Germany fares best in 2020 with France, Italy, Spain and the UK all off sharply in double digits. Of the smaller nations, the Nordics are the pick of the bunch in 2020 albeit 'the bounce' is more subdued. Note, too, the best peformer in 2021 is the UK with support from Ireland and France. 2020 is a one-off.

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